Scottish Investment Operations (SIO) is dedicated to developing a centre of excellence for financial services leadership in Scotland. Through our membership, we connect people, to share knowledge and perspectives in ways that improve the sustainability of the sector.

Our Aims

We aim to achieve this by enhancing the operational performance of individuals and organisations, raising industry knowledge and awareness, through a range of collaborative activities amongst members and with other partners in our wider financial services community to:

  • Attract, retain and develop the best people to the Investment Operations profession
  • Equip our people with the right skills, knowledge and qualifications to drive the sector forward
  • Continue contributing positively to the Scottish Economy
  • Maintain Scotland’s Financial Services sector reputation as global centre of excellence

SIO membership will:

  • Connect Leaders from across the sector and appropriate supporting services
  • Develop the Workforce by maximising existing qualifications, accessing academia and providing relevant CPD
  • Promote the Sector to build and share knowledge and perspectives in ways that enhances sustainability and encourages future inward investment