Scottish Investment Operations (SIO) is dedicated to developing our membership, by actively addressing the issues we face, generating solutions that enhances the reputation of the Investments Operations community and wider Scottish Financial Services sector.

Our Aims

We aim to achieve this by focussing our efforts on agendas that will enhance the operational performance of member organisations and the capabilities of staff by:

  • Connecting our staff (all levels) from across the sector and appropriate supporting services to broaden their industry knowledge and awareness, through informed discussions and maximising the collective intellect of our community so that regulation and legislation is appropriately considered and opportunities are identified

  • Developing, retaining and attracting a resilient workforce that is committed to supporting staff aspirations and producing excellent results for customers, through a variety of relevant initiatives

  • Promoting the Sector working with other professional bodies to ensure that respective agendas are not replicated, sharing knowledge and perspectives so that the sustainability of the sector is enhanced and future inward investment encouraged


Our Corporate Membership ensures that your whole organisation can participate, influencing and driving an agenda and topics that includes; Risk, Regulation, Reporting, Technology, Process, Skills attraction, retention and development.

The dedicated members website allows members to access a wide range of resources, materials and provides opportunities for networking with:

  • Peers
  • Other professional bodies
  • Regulators
  • Academia
  • Consultancy and other professional supporting services

Delivering a rolling programme of activities and repository of quality thought leadership materials (papers, slides, videos, podcasts, links to websites) that will add value to individuals and member organisations, supporting business growth and making Scotland a great place to work and do business.

If you have never worked in this industry before and looking to get a simplified feel for what it is our members do, click on this link and find out more about our industry in the space of a few short minutes. If you have any follow-up questions please send an email to Click here to contact us about becoming a member...