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Why Join Us?

Scottish Investment Operations (SIO) is a professional body dedicated to developing a centre of excellence for financial services operations in Scotland.

Through its membership of financial institutions, SIO connects leaders across the sector, to share knowledge and identify best practice in ways that influence policy, encourage business improvement and generate sustainable growth.

Developing people is a key priority for SIO which works in partnership with its members and academia to attract, retain and develop the very best talent, equipping them with the right skills and qualifications to drive the sector forward.

Through these activities, SIO seeks to build awareness and understanding in the wider community, of the role and contribution of financial services in a successful Scottish economy.

The Main Event

Jul 21st

SIO Forum: Data Ready, Staying Ahead in a Constantly Evolving Market

Data Ready: Staying Ahead in a Constantly Evolving Market With increasing regulatory, media and public focus, its no surprise that data is higher up a boards agenda than ever before. Companies are facing increasing demands and expectations, both externally and internally, on not only keeping ahead of the curve with their own data, but also in extracting the additional data to support requests from third parties and regulatory bodies. At our SIO Forum in Glasgow in July, PwC's data experts will discuss what organisations need to do to remain "data ready" and with new data protection rules looming, explore the key challenges businesses could face in adapting to the changing regulatory demands. In particular, the session will cover: how we keep on top of regulatory demands how we gain confidence in the accuracy of the increasing volumes of data being reported how we keep track of our data when third parties are involved in aspects of data processing the technologies and other enablers available to store and track data as well as reporting tools available

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