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Why Join Us?

Scottish Investment Operations (SIO) is a professional body dedicated to developing a centre of excellence for financial services operations in Scotland.

Through its membership of financial institutions, SIO connects leaders across the sector, to share knowledge and identify best practice in ways that influence policy, encourage business improvement and generate sustainable growth.

Developing people is a key priority for SIO which works in partnership with its members and academia to attract, retain and develop the very best talent, equipping them with the right skills and qualifications to drive the sector forward.

Through these activities, SIO seeks to build awareness and understanding in the wider community, of the role and contribution of financial services in a successful Scottish economy.

The Main Event

Aug 25th

SIO Forum: Sourcing and Managing Talent

Sourcing and Managing Talent: Embracing and Adapting to New GenerationsStaff are the key asset to all Operations functions in the Financial Services Industry. Attracting and retaining the right talent is key to success. The way that we achieve this however needs to constantly change to adapt to the expectations of newer generations. The challenge is the ability of organisations to react when current management structures and ways of working are well established approaches that have developed over a very long time. Join us to discuss this interesting topic. We will have views provided from member organisations but also HR and academic experts to provide lots of food for thought.

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