Univ of Edin, Mind & Mission, Capco and Change Recruitment

Sep 11, 2020

From 17 September to 30 September the following can be registered by logging into the SIO members site.

17 Sept @12:30 Webinar - Digital Currencies and the new age payments - New digital means of payment be it cryptocurrencies or asset-backed stable-coins like Libra and the merger between means of payment and investments have brought new challenges to our understanding of money in the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

Join Professor Emilios Avgouleas from the University of Edinburgh as he discusses the business advantages of the new means of payment and the obstacles to their classification as electronic money in common law and by Statute.

24 Sept @ 11:00 Webinar Operational Readiness in the IBOR Transition

The Operational Readiness component of the LIBOR transition is one of the biggest challenges facing banks and financial institutions. It involves increased costs and risks for financial firms, as it requires updates to market risk profiles and models, valuation tools, product design, hedging strategies, and associated technology.

Join Murray Longton (Capco) and Lia Oyman (Franklin Templeton) as they take a look at Operational Readiness in the IBOR Transition.


The first of two sessions we will run this month to look at this important subject.  Although the sessions support each other, they are run independently and you are not required to attend both - unless you are able to. Session 2 is on 29 Sept @ 11:00.

Join our partners from Mind & Mission as they look at the impact Covid-19 has had, how people want different things, need different support and being kinder to ourselves and others can create a kinder culture.

Spaces are limited.

28 Sept @ 12:30 Fintech Innovation with the University of Edinburgh

Join a panel of University experts as they explain the Opportunities for Collaboration and Funding Support. 

The University of Edinburgh is one of the world’s top research-intensive universities. Of particular relevance to the financial sector is the University’s investment in “Data Driven Innovation” and the creation of our new Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI). The Institute connects our researchers from across a range disciplines to address the major industry challenges, and has a particular focus on the application and use of fintech. We are able to link many disciplines to provide our partners in the Fintech and Financial sector with a research base capable of enabling innovation and creating new opportunities. 

Become better informed by registering for this session.


Join our partners from Mind & Mission as they look at this important subject and build on the session from 24 Sept. If you missed that session don’t worry as this session is independent in its own right.

Spaces are limited.

Access the SIO and Change Recruitment Webcast - CV Writing Tips

The SIO and Change Recruitment are working together to bring a series of events that will help us all think about the value of reviewing how we sell ourselves. Whether you are new to some of the topics or an expert, we believe we have something for everyone to consider how they invest in themselves, whether that’s ongoing personal development or how you sell yourself.

The 1st in the series is this video podcast, approx. 24 minutes long, focussed on CV writing – delivered by Jack Hogarth (HSBC) and Steven Fairlie (Change Recruitment). If you haven’t done much in this space, this podcast will be ideal for you. If you have a great CV, then watching this will act as benchmark, to make sure that your CV will be viewed and go to the top of the pile.

The next webcast - ‘Preparing for an interview’, will focus on the main points that you should think about when preparing for a competency-based interview, with a focus on interviewing over VC given the current climate.


SIO Members can register/access the webinar/webcast, by logging into the members section, clicking on the Events Tab and selecting the webinar/webcast of interest.

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