The New Normal

Scottish Investment Operations Forum: The Impact of Regulatory Change

Understanding, designing, implementing and adhering to significant regulatory reform is becoming the norm for the Financial Services sector. Nonetheless the impact this has operationally and culturally for organisations shouldn’t be underestimated.

At the latest Scottish Investment Operations (SIO) Forum on 21st April, a panel of industry experts discussed the impact upcoming regulatory change is having on training, resourcing and implementation within their respective organisations.

Hosted in PwC's offices; panellists included Emily Fisher Aberdeen Asset Management, Margaret Lees BNP Paribas and Ian Thomas HSBC. Key themes discussed during the session included:


  • Regulatory change is being repositioned as part of the wider business strategy change agenda rather than a standalone project, acting as a driver for business and IT to work more effectively together
  • Early engagement across all business lines is key - change is here to stay so wider considerations around operating models, resource and skill sets are needed
  • The power of working together as a community to either understand or lobby forthcoming regulatory change underlines the importance of events such as the SIO forum


Aimed at building an operations community in Scotland, the SIO Forum enables individuals to connect with colleagues from across and beyond the sector, around areas of shared interest.