Sourcing and Managing Talent: Embracing and Adapting to the Future Workforce

People are the key asset to all functions in the Financial Services Industry. How we attract and retain talent has changed dramatically with technology also changing at a rapid pace. Regulation, technology and other factors are now redefiing the skills and roles within the industry. It’s key that we need to adapt to continue to be successful.

Come and join us and our panel of experienced practitioners at the SIO Forum on August 22nd to engage with your colleagues and hear views on the changing landscape. We'll share some of the innovative ideas being explored to address the sourcing and management challenges we all face. The panel currently is confirmed to include colleagues from across the industry and beyond who will share insights and answer any questions you might have on the subject:


  • Margaret Johnson, Head of Human Resources at Morgan Stanley, Director of SIO, Chair of the GEL People and Skills Group for Finance & Business Services
  • Mark Smith, Employability and Community Lead, Standard Life
  • Laura Thorburn, Associate Director, Change Recruitment Group
  • Ian Hanson, Sector Manager for Financial and Business Services, Skills Development Scotland


We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to join in with this important discussion. Please follow the link for further details and registration: