SIO Webinars w/c 1 June 2020

May 29, 2020

Check out the webinars planned for week commencing 1 June. SIO members can register by logging into the Members site.


3 June

Covid19: Managing risk in a turbulent economy (10:30 or 13:30)

SIO members are invited to attend this Experian webinar, where they will share the latest insights seen from across the economy and credit landscape with a focus on:

  • ADAPT: What has changed, and is changing across the credit landscape – including the evolving impact brought by pandemic and economic shock on consumers and businesses, and lending portfolios
  • SURVIVE: How the economy is evolving, the localized risks and sector/employment outlook
  • RESPOND: What KPIs need to be tracked and considered, including what strategies can help you navigate and respond to the turbulent economy

This snap shot of what’s actually happening in the UK at the moment in terms of consumer and business impacts could be of value to those in roles that are managing risk.


COVID-19: How global trade finance is being disrupted and redefined with your clients (noon)

In this EY webcast panellists discuss the impact of COVID-19 on global trade and how banks and corporates are responding, including:

Challenges from a bank’s perspective; how banks are managing delivery and risk while meeting client expectations.

The global supply chain from a corporate perspective; the impact on manufacturing and the balance with customer demand.

Steps businesses can take now to navigate through the crisis, and what this will mean next for financing trade.


Covid19: Fix home working cyber security risks (13:00)

Remote working presents major cyber security challenges for businesses. Staff working from home won’t necessarily be cyber-savvy and domestic WiFi routers are notoriously insecure.

How do businesses protect against phishing attacks, document loss, perhaps even a company-wide data breach?

Home working isn’t going away and neither are the cyber-criminals.

On this webinar Jim Preen from Yudu Sentinel is joined by Scott Lever and Richard Stephenson who will analyse and offer advice on how to mitigate the cyber-security problems inherent in home working.

Scott is the founder of home cyber security company Zobi, was called on by the House of Commons to firefight their data breach in 2017 and recently helped insurance giant Direct Line get their staff remote working in just four days.

Richard Stephenson is the CEO of YUDU a company that is currently working successfully with thirty staff in thirty different locations. Richard has run public listed companies, mid-market private equity investments and tech start-ups. His professional skills include digital strategy, crisis management, risk and digital document publishing.


IT Management for Business - Data Science Faculty (14:00)

A 30 minute session.

As we begin to look ahead to the gradual easing of lockdown, the role of IT in businesses will become even more important. This webinar will provide you with an overview of Heriot-Watt University’s MA (Hons) IT Management for Business, a four-year degree programme co-created and taught by Edinburgh Business School (EBS) faculty and Data Science faculty.
This programme is designed to help IT specialists take the next big step in their career, and to help new entrants seeking a career change into IT management.
Specifically, you will learn about:

  • The EBS and Data Science faculty
  • The characteristics of a successful Heriot-Watt ITMB candidate
  • The critical partnership between the graduate apprentice student, employer mentor, and university tutor
  • The Heriot-Watt support structures available to ITMB students
  • The four-year programme structure designed to provide a holistic learning experience that takes place in the workplace and classroom


4 June

Moving beyond COVID-19: Board considerations for non-financial risk (NFR) in crisis  (15:00)

As organisations contemplate the roads to recovery, during this webcast we reflect on the journey to-date from a non-financial risk (NFR) perspective – including what lessons can be learnt from the crisis, and key considerations for boards. Moving beyond COVID-19, we contemplate the principles that could shift the NFR functions focus in business as usual, and how business leaders could expect NFR functions to contribute to long term value creation. 

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