SIO May/June update

May 31, 2019


A lot has happened in May and I've highlighted the 3 main areas worth noting below:
New Member - we welcome J.P. Morgan as a new member and look forward to them playing an active role in shaping and delivering our agenda
New Partner - we all recognise the importance of talking about mental wellness, so we have partnered with Mental Health Response, who will provide us with access to some information and tools that we hope will be useful to use whenever is necessary
Events - we delivered 2 plenary events:

  • New Technology - BlackRock hosted this session, sharing some of the ways they are using new technology. We also heard from Symphony, who took us through some case studies on how their technology is being utilised. Attendees had the opportunity to network and  'play' with a VR headset. Feedback from this session has been excellent
  • Blockchain - Pinset Masons delivered an informative session that clarified what Blockchain is, how it can be used and an idea when it shouldn't be used - sharing a simple tool that helps you asses if blockchain can help resolve an issue. Early feedback on this session has been very positive

Events coming soon 

Open now for registration via the members website:

  • 5 June - Corporate Cyber Threat - chance to book on this webinar and be taken through a simulated crisis, with the opportunity to participate. If you don't know much about this topic sign-up and raise your awareness. If your role could be affected by this topic, consider getting a few of your colleagues in the same room and work together to understand if your knowledge/plans are as ready as you think they are
  • 20 June - Morgan Stanley are hosting an CSDR/SFTR event with DTCC and J.P. Morgan. These key regulatory changes, both intended to go-live in 2020, will have a significant impact on all organisations in the Financial Services sector. This is a great opportunity to raise your awareness or share some of your concerns/thinking with like-minded colleagues

What else?

The SIO agenda is driven by you (the members) and we have identified a number of initiatives in the risk, technology and people spaces, where we can produce materials, resources and outcomes that will raise your industry awareness/knowledge. In my next update I'll tell you more about the initiatives we've identifed and how you can input/get involved.

The summer period is almost upon us and traditionally the SIO stops delivering plenary events. Please keep logging into the members site as we will continue to upload information that will help you to keep up to date with what's going on in our industry.

Our members site contains a lot of materials and resources that will help you raise your industry knowledge and awareness. Login and take a look.

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