SIO Launch Event 11 March 2019

Mar 12, 2019

SIO 2019 Launch Event


Last night at EYs Morrison Street Offices Edinburgh, members, partner firms, FCA in Scotland and Scottish Enterprise gathered to hear about the work that has gone into reenergising the SIO agenda.


Gary Logan from EY and SIO Board Director, kicked proceedings off, acknowledging why forms like EY, PwC, Experian and Pinsent Masons are keen to work with organisations like the SIO, as they wish to support the aims of the SIO by providing the type of resources and materials that help us achieve our aims to effectively network, collaborate and enhance the capabilities of our people.


Pauline Burns – BNP Paribas and SIO Chair, explained to those attending that the Board are excited about the change in direction of our approach. That the SIO had a long and proud track record for supporting global firms based here in Scotland and that the SIO was committed to playing a positive part in helping our talented people retain the proud reputation that we have across the globe.


Maggie Craig – FCA Head of Scotland Office, announced plans for the UK regulator to have an increased presence in Scotland, to tap into the talent pipeline we have in our sector and also being produced from Scottish Universities in the Data Science and New Technology space. Maggie expressed her desire to work with groups like the SIO and will look forward to participating with our working groups to help find solutions to the many challenges we face.


Raymond Wales – SIO Chief Executive, gave a brief overview of what we are doing, to encourage networking and collaboration to deliver value added outcomes. How our Working Groups, made up of members are beginning to prioritise topics under the broad headings of Data, Regulation, Legislation and changing Political landscapes, to either share and exchange information or identify opportunities to raise industry awareness and/or knowledge by delivering learning outcomes via a number of mediums and the important role our various partners are playing to help shape our thinking, so that what we deliver is relevant. In addition, the SIO website provides practical advice and signposting on Academia, Mental Wellness and Coaching. He concluded by thanking everyone for their efforts and setting an expectation that the plans for 2019 set up the SIO to be successful this year and beyond.


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