Pastures New!

Jun 15, 2017

I have been fortunate to lead SIO since September 2006, at which time we were largely focused on campus recruitment for financial services organisations against a backdrop of high inward investment into Scotland by our members. I had recently returned to Scotland after several years abroad working in asset management. I saw a great chance to highlight the diverse and challenging career opportunities on offer to the next generation of talent.

In the period following we reshaped the organisation in response to the financial crisis. The focus of work became retaining and developing skills within industry. This led to qualifications development and work to internationalise those programmes.

As a natural evolution and response to where the industry is today, we are focused squarely upon responsible leadership and management development as the industry navigates through a significant period of change and disruption. SIO is playing a full part in ensuring that the sector in Scotland, specifically the investment community, continues to be an internationally successful part of our economy.

We run a strong programme of engagement and continuing development for staff in industry which provides networks, knowledge and perspectives to help address the fast-changing and uncertain environment we live in. We work collaboratively across and beyond financial services to deliver this work. SIO is a key part of the financial services eco-system in Scotland and is committed to the ongoing development of our talented workforce.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues and partners past and present for their leadership, challenge and support during my tenure. You have been an instrumental part of the success of SIO during this time and have made my role enjoyable, challenging and fulfilling.  

I am delighted that the good work of SIO continues. We are now actively looking for our next CEO. Full details are available here: I would be pleased to have a confidential discussion.



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