CSDR Event 13 Feb 2020

Jan 31, 2020

This session is targeted at colleagues who have responsibility for CSDR and/or the operational implementation of this regulation. Subsequent sessions will cater for other roles that will be impacted.

While there is still additional clarity required on specific aspects of CSDR and how this will impact operational processes, the intention here is to rationalize the information already in the public domain and ensure member firms are aware of what they should expect.

The aim of this session is to provide attendees with a more detailed understanding of the process flows and lifecycle events which firms will be required to manage under CSDR.

Output from this session will identify common themes/areas of interests and enable those participating to shape the relevant sessions that will be required throughout 2020 to ensure our community are ready for implementing the regulation and ensuring that + day 1 activities are actively reviewed and any additional supporting material/resources are created.


16:00 – Registration and Networking

Session commences 16:15 with our panel of experts from Goldman Sachs, Citi, BNP Paribas and Access Fintech (see bios below):

  • Outlining what's been discussed to date - existing Working Groups output reviewed. 
  • Identifying if there are there gaps? What else needs to be considered?
  • SO SIO members can agree the common themes/topics we want to take forward as part of the SIO 2020 programme 

17:30 - 18:30 Networking - Please Note, if the main session over runs, some of the time for Networking may be used.


Bios of panel

Sachin Mohindra, Executive Director, Post-Trade Business Development & Strategy, Goldman Sachs

Sachin has over 15 years of extensive experience at Goldman Sachs, where he has covered a variety of cross-product post-trade roles including securities settlement, client middle office and trading control. Sachin is now responsible for European securities post-trade business development at Goldman Sachs. Sachin is the co-chair of the AFME Post-Trade Transaction, Clearing & Settlement Committee and chair of the CSDR Task Force. Sachin is an active member of the ICMA, ISLA and Cross-Industry CSDR working groups. He has also co-chaired the AFME T+2 Task Force and led the publication of the industry-wide AFME TARGET2-Securities (T2S) recommendations paper. Sachin is also an advisory board member at EuroCCP and participates in various LCH working groups. Sachin holds an Honours degree in Computer Science and Management from the University of Edinburgh.

David Armstrong, Global Head of Middle Office Strategic Operating Model, BNP Paribas

David has 25+ years buy side Operational industry experience in a variety of Operational roles; Deutsche Asset Management 12 years and BNP Paribas Middle Office Outsourcing 13 years. He was responsible for the transversal end to end Global Middle Office Operating model as well as industry initiatives on behalf of Operations. David is the Co-Chair of the DTCC Regional Advisory Council (RAC) and the Sponsor of the Global Middle Office CSDR project

Jaime Healy-Waters, Director Markets Operations & Technology, Citi

Jaime has been there for 10 years. Prior to joining Citi, Jaime was with Lehman Brothers for 10 years.

Jaime is responsible for International Change management and Global O&T Risk, covering Productivity, Policy, Regulation and Controls.

Steve Fazio, Co-Founder and COO, Access Fintech

Steve is responsible for product delivery and day-to-day operations. Prior to Access Fintech, Steve spent 8 years at Traiana leading product innovation and building new financial infrastructure.

Pardeep Cassells, Head of Financial Products, Access Fintech

Pardeep Cassells has over 10 years of experience in the Financial Services sector, having held a number of roles within BNP Paribas Securities Services. Par is now responsible for the creation of Financial Products for Access Fintech and has a keen focused on CSDR. She leads an industry Working Group on this topic and has been actively involved in defining and articulating operational challenges related to this regulatory change across the sector.


Register for this event by logging into the members section, clicking on the Events Tab and selecting the 13 Feb event.

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