We are proud to support Winning Scotland Foundation, a charity focused on developing children in Scotland, so that they have they belief to shape their own future. Like the SIO, they see the value in bringing people together to explore and understand what the gaps are and working with like minded partners to identify opportunities in every local authority in Scotland through their 4 main programmes and projects:

Positive Coaching – delivered to hundreds of clubs, using sport as a training ground to develop skills for life, such as resilience, respect and discipline.

Mindset in Education – supports hundreds of schools and teachers to develop a positive growth mindset to help children achieve at school.

Champions in Scotland – deploys sporting role models in schools and clubs across Scotland, helping young people achieve success through effort and overcome failure.

Community Projects – are delivered in areas of deprivation, helping children and their families to be more physically active.

If you want to find out more about this wonderful charity, click www.winningscotlandfoundation.org

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