About Us

Scotland has over 300 years of financial services experience with a great track record of collaboration with peers and supporting services.

Since its inception, the SIO has played an important and successful role in shaping the Scottish Financial Services Ecosystem, ensuring that Investment Operations has:

  • Staff that are knowledgeable and thought leading
  • Strong networks enabling appropriate cross organisational collaboration, seeking academic and professional input on a wide range of topics
  • Driven an agenda that recognises common purpose while respecting competition

This has been achieved through an action focused programme, overseen by a mix of industry experts at Board level and from our wider membership, providing:

  • Networking opportunities to share views and experiences on topical issues and providing a safe environment to discuss the challenges of the day
  • Staff with the opportunity to enhance their performance through an education and awareness agenda that meets the needs of the membership today and tomorrow

SIO was created to support significant Inward Investment to Scotland, from global organisations, to ensure job roles were created and that the potential from these roles maximised. In 2017, there was an estimated:

  • 14,500 employees in the Scottish Investments Operations sector
  • £1trn assets under management across this sector

Over the years the Investment Operations business has evolved and expanded in Scotland, with deep and varied skills from:

  • Head Office Decision Making
  • Technology
  • Back Office Processing


Scotland has a strong talent pipeline and this ensures we have the people with the correct skills and traits to deliver against todays agenda(s), who are also ready to maximise the future opportunities, locally and globally, that Artificial Intelligence, FinTech and Robotics will present us. 

The SIO community and agenda is positioned well to support the strategic direction of our industry, by actively driving initiatives that will ensure our resource capabilities retain their currency and so that our respective organisations, can support/attract new business to Scotland. 

Contact us for full details on 01312477700 or at contact@sio.org.uk.